MAY 12-16, 2015

Having a love of personal possessions allows one to create new artefacts from the already existing, rather than re-design for commercial gain. It enables sustainability from up-cycling the landscape, yet preserves the memory of what once was. Casting objects in a translucent, platinum cure silicone that holds it shape yet has a rubbery malleable feel to the surface.


The silicone is cast in spherical moulds with the object suspended until it sets. This creates an almost holographic impression of the object when it has been removed. The silicone in this form is usually used as mould to produce a “positive”, however in this work the mould is the finished piece allowing the “negative” space to become the positive object.


This installation tries to capture the beauty, elegance and detail of bygone objects, allowing the onlooker to see the space the object once occupied without it actually being present: this is Absence.