*All names are pseudonyms


Harry’s father was his hero.  He talked about him with great gusto in the form of little anecdotes supported by items such as his medals, his photograph album and reference books.  Turning the pages of the photo album he found pictures of his father’s football days, playing for the works team. If war hadn’t broken out he had been good enough to turn pro.  Turning the pages of the photograph album, more images are show his father’s career in the Navy.  Each image a reminder of a story; “the day they walked through the forests of Sri Lanka and a huge lizard fell out of a tree onto him”, “the day they arrived in New York and went for a drink in an American bar”.  He proudly shows off his medals in a home-made display case talking about his career after the war as a blacksmith. The memories his father live on through Harry every time he opens the photograph album.


The football was made by printing Harry's photographs onto leather.  12 pieces were then shaped, skived and stitched together to create the football.  A traditional bladder was inserted and the football was laced up ready for action!