JULY 2018 - SEPT 2018

 Working with narratives about all kinds of relationships, ranging from the care of parental love to the fleeting passions of a brief encounter, this exhibition showcased the embodiment of these experiences in the making of material memories.


As a maker, Goldthorpe has processed elements from the stories she has gathered into bespoke craft artefacts.  The narratives have dictated choices of materials, techniques, forms and processes.  The traditional skills of leather working, silicone casting, brass soldering, forging, wood and metal turning can be seen within the artefacts. Goldthorpe has developed new processes – often in collaboration with skilled craft practitioners – to realise these finished works.


Throughout the research process, friendships have developed between participants and craftspeople, allowing new stories and memories to be made.  The artefacts on display resemble objects that have been lost, forgotten or are still in existence in daily life: rolling pin, brass shoes, football, medal, trainers, toilet dolly, handbag, box camera, watch.  Everyday objects imbued with emotion.