Helen’s story is over 66 years old and she still remembers all the details as clear as the day they happened.  As a university student in the 1950s she travelled with friends to Innsbruck by bus through the scarred countries as a result of the Second World War.  On arriving, their hotel had been overbooked and so she and her friends stayed in a village house with the trips German courier.  He and Helen hit it off, and had a whirlwind romance for 5 days until he had to return to Frankfurt. They could never have been together as parents would have disapproved, but for those 5 days they were inseparable.


She has two pictures, taken on her box camera that she still has to remember him.  He gave her a leather coin purse bearing the crest of Innsbruck and she talks of how they kissed on the hillside amongst the Gentians. They wrote for a while afterwards but eventually the letters stopped and she has continued to wonder what happened to him since.

*All names are pseudonyms