I am a multidisciplinary practitioner and contemporary artist, using traditional wood and leather working techniques, combined with casting and moulding. I exhibited my work in Florence Santa Croce crypt in 2015 and have presented at conferences in Minnesota, Oxford and Warwick this year.


My work is based around capturing the memory of people within objects and using making to transmit feelings into new artefacts.


I currently work as a Senior Lecturer within Fashion Communication in West Yorkshire.  I am also undertaking a practice based PhD entitled "Can an artefact be created to store (the memory of) lost love".


Previous commercial work has seen the design and production of bags and accessories. I have worked for a number of brands, Antithesis co, Pollyanna, Nomad and Solsken producing high quality designed pieces.


I enjoy working collaboratively or on custom pieces.


Please contact me if you require more information.